Call Me Chelsea

The photo Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning called "my problem."
The photo Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning called “my problem.”

On Wednesday 21 August, 2013, US Private Bradley Manning, responsible for providing Wikileaks with over 700 000 classified military documents, and subsequently held over 600 days without trial, was sentenced in a military court to 35 years in prison. Today Manning, who has been openly gay for some time has made the announcement that he wishes to undergo hormone-therapy and live out his life as a woman.

A military-man in the US of A,
Saw injustice in far off countries,
“Look at these sources I give and hear what I say,”
But Manning was swiftly spirited away.
Eventually tried,
Though he declined a jury of peers,
The Private was sentenced to 35 years.
Oh how the lawyers did squabble,
And how the public did wail,
But then announced ‘Mr’ Manning,
“I’m really female.”
It stunned quite a few that the convict’s one plea
was to undergo immediate hormone-theraphy,
“Oh, and from now on please call me Chelsea.”

-Kellan Botha


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