Welcome home, Madiba

On 1 September, former South African President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was discharged from the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital after almost three months of intensive treatment.

Welcome Home, Mandela, Be Safe.

We thought you were gone,
Mandela, great man,
But your light shines on,
As bright as it can,
And for a divided nation you stayed strong.

Your family’s antics,
Brought shame to your name,
And the media’s madness helped not,
Dividing and guessing on what would come next,
But you weren’t yet gone, they forgot.

Far abroad, they believed you had passed,
While at home we thought that your health could not last,
Oh, you are weak now, and getting so frail,
And we all must be nearing the end of your tale,
But not yet, Madiba, not yet.

-Kellan Botha


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