[A]rson [N]ot [C]ounted-out

ANC Headquarters at Albert Luthuli House, catches fire after a strategically placed bottle filled with volatile chemicals explodes.


Albert Luthuli House,
The ANC’s Jozi HQ,
Grew inflamed and smoke-filled,
And soon emergency workers came to douse,
The fires of a chem-bottle which blew.

All the parties stopped their fighting,
And for once showed unity,
At the outrageous act of violence,
(Which, though no-one was hurt, remained frightening,)
Against the ruling ANC.

“This is not the way to act,
In our great democracy,”
Said the representative Mthembu,
But this did not alter the fact,
That his words carried great irony.

For though the NP-government was far from fair,
And the MK’s actions were called for at those times,
To call out bombers for treasonous acts,
seems odd when they also dare,
put their comrades’ names on road-signs.

-Kellan Botha


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