Four seconds, four taxis

A recent traffic-accident in Pinetown, Durban, which resulted in 22 deaths when a goods-truck smashed through four taxis and a Volkswagen, has been called South Africa’s most horrific accident in recent years.

The trauma which ripped open five vehicles would have been felt in full force by the occupants. (Picture: Sapa)

Hurtling toward the intersection,
What must the driver of that metal hulk thought,
When his breaks seemed to fail him,
And in his line five vehicles were caught?

Twenty-Two lives extinguished,
In the darkness of that sultry Durban night,
And lit only by the traffic lights,
The grotesque shreds of the crash-site.

Twenty-two counts of murder,
Does the Swazi driver now face,
And while his rich bosses try to save their skins-
-By saving him-, he’s still the one being tried in this case.

-Kellan Botha


3 thoughts on “Four seconds, four taxis

    1. It was tough. The hard part is keeping the poem rhythmic and interesting, while maintaining the sombre attitude which the event warrants. That’s why I only posted today though it happened last week.

      1. well done, poetry should reflect life and if you struggled with it, you gave it the respect and thought which it deserves

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