SA Strike Force One

Striking Season is in full swing, with almost every sector of the South African economy being affected. Whilst the validity of most of the strikes has divided the nation, the recent events at Walter Sisulu University has elicited outrage amongst many.

“RED HOT RAGE: Walter Sisulu University staff members went on the rampage yesterday, burning tyres at the College Street and Chiselhurst campuses. They have gone on strike over salary increases and absorption of contract workers. Picture: MARK ANDREWS” – Daily Dispatch

It’s seems it’s that time of year once more,
When the worker’s grievances are brought to the fore.
There are strikes left and right,
And the labourers fight,
For wage-increases as inflation does soar.

NUM and Amcu for the miners that handle,
Strain underground a year after the Marikana scandal,
While Numsa brings autoworks and fuel-pumps to a halt.
Yes, they need cash, and being poor’s not their fault,
But SA’s about to burn out its economic candle.

But in bankrupt Walter Sisulu University,
A strike has just ended in a slightly increased salary,
“Putting the students first” finally, after hitting the sixth week,
Though having missed a whole term, the future looks bleak,
For the students of the highest-paid lecturers in the country.

-Kellan Botha


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