Westgate, Extremist Hate

The world watches in horror as Al-Shabaab Militants from Somalia lay waste to Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan Soldiers arriving at Westgate Mall to fight their way through ranks of Islamists. Photo: Ben Curtis/ABC News

As I write these words and rhymes,
Al-Shebaab maniacs commit horrendous crimes,
So far, more than sixty-eight dead in a Nairobi Mall,
The worst act of terror in recent times.

Blasting away security with grenades and machine-gun fire,
The situation grabbed the world’s attention and the straits were quite dire.
Reciting a prayer to Allah, your ticket to freedom,
But failing the test, execution…liar.

Kenyan troops (and Israeli’s as well?),
Continue to fight through the Mall-Turned-Hell,
Through mannequin forests and cities of stores,
Democracy is a product the West is struggling to sell.

To Be Continued-Kellan Botha


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