About the Author

Placeholder picture of me steering a canal-boat until such time as I find one better.
Placeholder picture of me steering a canal-boat until such time as I find one better.

Born in Durban, South Africa, at the birth of democracy in 1994, I have always found history and journalism an incredibly interesting pursuit. The thought that as a journalist I could witness, record, or even make history to be witnessed by future generations always intrigued me, and as I grew up, I realised there was no other profession to go in to but journalism of one form of another (also, I’m not fit enough for manual labour or smart enough for science).

I am currently studying Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, but sneak off to East London on some weekends to spend some time with my girlfriend and her family, and to get some peace from my slightly-alcoholic brethren. I have two siblings, whom I have almost nothing in common with, but going home for vacations is great all the same, especially since it gives me more time to work on FPP.

My likes include:
Dinosaurs, Photography, Politics, Geography, Hats, Facial Hair, Peanut Butter, Movies, Doctor Who, Woolworths Pork Rib Patties, Animals, Writing and Long Walks on the Beach.

My dislikes include:
People, Smoking, and the word “Brah” (Or Bro, or Bru, depending on your regional colloquialism of choice).

Work Experience:
Apart from being an amazing student and poet, I currently work at the incredible Oppidan Press Student Newspaper (There is no pay, but the experience has been invaluable to me). I am also a professional TV viewer.

-Kellan Botha


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