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To anyone wondering if this blog is dead

To anyone wondering why no new posts come up,
I assure you it concerns me every day,
It’s not that news is slow,
In any form, shape, or way,
I’ve just rarely had a recent free day.
I know that regularity is a thing that one needs,
For one’s blog to become widely read,
But sometimes there are other items on the list of to-do’s,
Like homework, or reading zombie-books, or kissing your girlfriend while she makes dinner,
And one must do those worthy things instead.
So don’t worry readers,the posts will come soon,
And they will definitely flow like warm sherry in December,
And before then you can expect a rhyme or two whenever,
Something massively important occurs, so just remember.-Kellan Botha


Westgate, Extremist Hate

The world watches in horror as Al-Shabaab Militants from Somalia lay waste to Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan Soldiers arriving at Westgate Mall to fight their way through ranks of Islamists. Photo: Ben Curtis/ABC News

As I write these words and rhymes,
Al-Shebaab maniacs commit horrendous crimes,
So far, more than sixty-eight dead in a Nairobi Mall,
The worst act of terror in recent times.

Blasting away security with grenades and machine-gun fire,
The situation grabbed the world’s attention and the straits were quite dire.
Reciting a prayer to Allah, your ticket to freedom,
But failing the test, execution…liar.

Kenyan troops (and Israeli’s as well?),
Continue to fight through the Mall-Turned-Hell,
Through mannequin forests and cities of stores,
Democracy is a product the West is struggling to sell.

To Be Continued-Kellan Botha

Romain must Remain far away from us. Forever.

Springboks lost out to the All Blacks, by 29-15, and though the New Zealanders may well have been a better team, the entire nation is seething at the poor decision’s made by the referee, such as illegally benching Bismarck du Plessis.

Here we see the rare ‘Pink-bellied doofus’ in its default defensive position.

Romain Poite,
You incompetent a*se,
Of the Rugby Champs clash,
You sure made a farce.

I’m feeling upset,
Though I’m no sporting fan,
Because you screwed the Boks over,
You horrid French man!

-Kellan Botha

Four seconds, four taxis

A recent traffic-accident in Pinetown, Durban, which resulted in 22 deaths when a goods-truck smashed through four taxis and a Volkswagen, has been called South Africa’s most horrific accident in recent years.

The trauma which ripped open five vehicles would have been felt in full force by the occupants. (Picture: Sapa)

Hurtling toward the intersection,
What must the driver of that metal hulk thought,
When his breaks seemed to fail him,
And in his line five vehicles were caught?

Twenty-Two lives extinguished,
In the darkness of that sultry Durban night,
And lit only by the traffic lights,
The grotesque shreds of the crash-site.

Twenty-two counts of murder,
Does the Swazi driver now face,
And while his rich bosses try to save their skins-
-By saving him-, he’s still the one being tried in this case.

-Kellan Botha

SA Strike Force One

Striking Season is in full swing, with almost every sector of the South African economy being affected. Whilst the validity of most of the strikes has divided the nation, the recent events at Walter Sisulu University has elicited outrage amongst many.

“RED HOT RAGE: Walter Sisulu University staff members went on the rampage yesterday, burning tyres at the College Street and Chiselhurst campuses. They have gone on strike over salary increases and absorption of contract workers. Picture: MARK ANDREWS” – Daily Dispatch

It’s seems it’s that time of year once more,
When the worker’s grievances are brought to the fore.
There are strikes left and right,
And the labourers fight,
For wage-increases as inflation does soar.

NUM and Amcu for the miners that handle,
Strain underground a year after the Marikana scandal,
While Numsa brings autoworks and fuel-pumps to a halt.
Yes, they need cash, and being poor’s not their fault,
But SA’s about to burn out its economic candle.

But in bankrupt Walter Sisulu University,
A strike has just ended in a slightly increased salary,
“Putting the students first” finally, after hitting the sixth week,
Though having missed a whole term, the future looks bleak,
For the students of the highest-paid lecturers in the country.

-Kellan Botha

[A]rson [N]ot [C]ounted-out

ANC Headquarters at Albert Luthuli House, catches fire after a strategically placed bottle filled with volatile chemicals explodes.


Albert Luthuli House,
The ANC’s Jozi HQ,
Grew inflamed and smoke-filled,
And soon emergency workers came to douse,
The fires of a chem-bottle which blew.

All the parties stopped their fighting,
And for once showed unity,
At the outrageous act of violence,
(Which, though no-one was hurt, remained frightening,)
Against the ruling ANC.

“This is not the way to act,
In our great democracy,”
Said the representative Mthembu,
But this did not alter the fact,
That his words carried great irony.

For though the NP-government was far from fair,
And the MK’s actions were called for at those times,
To call out bombers for treasonous acts,
seems odd when they also dare,
put their comrades’ names on road-signs.

-Kellan Botha

Welcome home, Madiba

On 1 September, former South African President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was discharged from the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital after almost three months of intensive treatment.

Welcome Home, Mandela, Be Safe.

We thought you were gone,
Mandela, great man,
But your light shines on,
As bright as it can,
And for a divided nation you stayed strong.

Your family’s antics,
Brought shame to your name,
And the media’s madness helped not,
Dividing and guessing on what would come next,
But you weren’t yet gone, they forgot.

Far abroad, they believed you had passed,
While at home we thought that your health could not last,
Oh, you are weak now, and getting so frail,
And we all must be nearing the end of your tale,
But not yet, Madiba, not yet.

-Kellan Botha

Amateur News Network 7

South Africa’s third ever 24/7 news channel launches, and, well…sometimes the news just writes the poetry for me. (See here, here, here, and here)

What does the “7” stand for?

From the great ‘Mother-City‘,
Of Johannesburg, SA,
A news network channel began to play.
Broadcasting hard-hitting news,
Of ‘weepons‘ in Syria,
And a DNA bill,
To capture ‘criminals easia‘.

They’re ‘not old farts‘, though,
Which would count in their favour,
If their ‘pollutal‘ ‘tenornations‘,
Weren’t ‘unaccepteble‘ behaviour.
At least for these glitches,
They have a whole year to fix,
Just in time for the next annual ‘Grand Pricks‘.

It seems odd though that a company,
That thrives on speech that is free,
Can try to ban derogatory viral videos.
Is that not called hypocrisy?
There can be no excuse, when you hire models to cut corners,
Instead of paying a little extra,
For just a few literate reporters.

-Kellan Botha

*Update: A head ANN7 Manager who resigned recently claims to be on the run from his Gupta employers’ armed bodyguard*

This spelling is ‘unaccepteble’
Yes, because nothing says “youthful exuberance” like having no experience whatsoever.

Cold-hearted Madam

The beautiful and rare Cape snows are marred by the deaths of flood and cold victims.

Cape Snows

South Africa’s Mother City,
All powdered in white,
Surprised her many children,
Who were astounded by the sight.

“The cougar looks good,”
Thought the young cities all round,
As the old Madam readied a clean white cloth,
For breakfast at her Table mound.

Her pristine visage, though,
Hid a far colder demeanour,
As her houseworker, Khayelitsha,
Toiled out in the floods and snow.

-Kellan Botha