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Blue-light Bully Boy

Joseph Semitjie, the driver of former Gauteng MEC Humphrey Mmemezi, appeared in court today for a road-accident in 2011. Thomas Ferreira, the teenager who was brain-damaged as a result of the crash, was claimed to be at fault by Semitjie’s lawyer.

Don’t suppose the MEC wanted these ugly stickers ruining his shiny BMW…

The driver of the VIP, eventually sat in court,
For the carnage he’d created,
His lawyer stood and for him fought,
But what was said was soon quite heavily debated.

The attorney had some balls,
Pretty large ones, I’ll admit,
When he told the court that it was all
Thomas Ferreira’s fault he was hit.

They claimed their motor’s blue-light,
Gave them special right-of-way,
And the injuries of Thomas on his bike,
Are because in the safe-zone he did not stay.

But soon the lawyer was silenced,
When it was found the driver was a crook,
Who did not pass his driver’s licence,
It remains to be seen if he’ll be brought to book.

When the crash had happened on Krugersdorp’s tar,
Witnesses report,
The driver stopped to check his car,
but not the boy who was hurt.

-Kellan Botha