I originally chose to do a blog on news in general. I, however, soon realised that without a particular writing style or gimmick I would be drowned out by the millions of other WordPress users on the internet, and so I had to change tack. Eventually I decided on writing poetry, with a current-events type of focus, as I consider myself not-horrible at writing poems on very short notice.

At the start of each poem I will provide a short introduction, to give context to what might otherwise be a vague set of rhyming phrases, as well as links to other websites which I found the information from. As much as I’d like to be a news source, News24, or The Guardian, are probably going to provide more detail than most of my poems. These poems are meant for entertainment purposes only, and while I hope they will serve as a source of information to curious readers, I also recommend reading up on more than one source.

While we’re on the subject of “vague rhymes” and “sources,” I would like to point out that, although I try my utmost to tell the truth in my poems, I cannot be held responsible if my use of poetic license alters the way a news event is perceived. I will try my best to avoid that happening, but it is for exactly this reason that I provide links to reputable news sources. Also, by no means should you assume that quotation marks within a poem refer to the precise wording of the real-life character speaking them.

If you want to disseminate and spread my poetry throughout the ether, I would prefer to be asked first, but this is the internet so I can’t really stop you if you don’t ask. I do ask that you then at least attribute it to me. It’s not that I think that my writing is so great that it is wanted by everyone, but who knows, I might just end up writing our next National Anthem lyrics or something.

The wording and phrasing I use will be, as much as possible, family friendly. I’m not against swearing or naming people after genitals, but I aim to use words cleverly on this site, and I don’t think it witty to swear just for the sake of sounding funny. In fact it gets rather irritating after a while. Sometimes, I will have no choice, however. Either some politician or CEO really deserves to be called a c**t, or I’m writing about a duck and the only rhyming word that is relevant is f**k. In such cases I will always endeavour to c****r the offensive words for the benefit of my readers, but if you find yourself truly stumped as to what a word means (c****red or not), feel free to contact me and I will happily reveal to you the secret. After all, I wouldn’t want people comparing me to the A****** N******* C*******.

-Kellan Botha


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