The Blogosphere is a pretty crowded place,
So one must be unique or different to make but a small mark,
In cyberspace.
Poems and clever wordsmithery,
Are thus the things that you will see,
If you stay.
I’ll poke fun at fat-cats,
And publish new Rhymes,
But only on Fridays,
Or whenever I can,
Because I don’t always have time,
And have a life, man.

1 - Copy

It won’t all be verse, though, so those of you who don’t like poetry (i.e.- Those of you with no imaginations or love of art) needn’t worry. At least once a month, but more often if possible, there will be a feature article dealing with the most important event of the month (if it is still relevant) or anything else generally interesting or unusual. Aside from the feature articles, there will also be a short review on some interesting artwork, such as films, books, paintings and photographs, that are relevant to South Africa (or not, we’ll see), at the beginning of each new month.

And so without further ado, I would like to officially welcome you to Front Page Poetry, bringing you news and reviews from across South Africa and the World in the form of bad poetry.
-Kellan Botha


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